Adam M. Croom, Ph.D., is a cognitive scientist of language, music, and social cognition at UC Berkeley.

He’s teaching introduction to cognitive science (1B) and the cognitive science of language (144) this spring 2023 term and leading a research group that focuses on language, music, and social cognition.

Adam’s research uses behavioral and physiological measures (facial expressions, galvanic skin response) with mobile EEG (a 32 channel EPOC Flex) to study the experience of flow and chills from music and poetry. He also uses behavioral measures (response time, accuracy) with mobile EEG to study social stereotypes and the syntax and semantics of language and music.

Adam is Associate Editor for Frontiers in Social Psychology and on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Language and Discrimination and the Baltic Journal of English Language, Literature, and Culture. He is Guest Associate Editor for the Philosophies Special Issue on the Philosophy and Science of Martial Arts, Guest Associate Editor for the Language Sciences Special Issue on Slurs, and Guest Associate Editor for the Frontiers in Psychology Special Issue on Music and the Embodied Mind. Adam was awarded his PhD in Linguistics in 2020 and his work has been cited +1356 times. He is currently writing a new textbook: “Sessions in Cognitive Science: An Introduction to Language, Music, and Social Cognition”.

Adam is a member of the Cognitive Science Society and a reviewer for the following scholarly journals:

A verified record of his scholarly service is available on Web of Science.

Adam’s scholarly awards include two research fellowships from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2011-2012), two Elizabeth F. Flower prizes for best essay in philosophy from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania (2009-2011), the Positive Studies Prize for best essay in positive psychology from the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania (2012-2013), the Elmaleh Prize for best essay in the social sciences from the Phi Beta Kappa Society (2010-2011), and the Military Veteran’s Scholarship from the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans (2006-2012). He also received the Publons Sentinels of Science Award for Outstanding Peer Review (2016) and a Frontiers in Psychology Honoraria for Outstanding Editorial Contribution (2013).



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Adam M. Croom, Ph.D.
Cognitive Science Program
University of California, Berkeley
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