Language, Music, and Social Cognition Lab

Adam M. Croom, Ph.D., leads a research group that studies language, music, and social cognition at UC Berkeley. The Language, Music, and Social Cognition Lab uses behavioral and physiological measures (facial expressions, galvanic skin response) with mobile EEG (a 32 channel EPOC Flex) to study the experience of flow and chills from music and poetry. The lab also uses behavioral measures (response time, accuracy) with mobile EEG to study social stereotypes and the syntax and semantics of language and music.

Adam M. Croom, Ph.D., is a cognitive scientist of language, music, and social cognition at UC Berkeley. Adam’s teaching introduction to cognitive science (1B) and the cognitive science of language (144) during the spring 2023 term and conducting research on the experience of chills from music and poetry using new mobile EEG equipment (a 32 channel EPOC Flex). He’s also actively engaged in research on the syntax and semantics of language and music. Adam’s philosophical work focuses on Aristotle, Heidegger, Kant, Merleau-Ponty, and Wittgenstein. He also studies haiku, senryū, and 20th Century French and American Poetry.


Research Group for Spring 2023

Next Zoom Meeting: February 11, 2023

For anyone that wants to engage in empirical research with human subjects (EEG, behavioral, and survey-based research), it is imperative that you read this info about applying for IRB approval:

If you want to work on a project that will require IRB approval, get started as early as possible since we are required to complete this approval process first before we can actually start working with human subjects. In the meantime, get started on a relevant background literature review on your topic of interest.

In general, philosophical work, corpus-based research (COCA, COHA, etc.), case-studies, performative pieces, book reviews, and systematic literature reviews do not require IRB approval.

Research Tools

Teaching Assistants

  • Christine C. (COGSCI 1-001)
  • Emma P. (COGSCI 1-002)
  • Violet R. (COGSCI 144)

Student Research Group

  • Allison K.
  • Cheryl Y.
  • Christian R.
  • Devika N.
  • Elizabeth L.
  • Jenny W.
  • Jocelyn M.
  • Kailee T.
  • Kim N.
  • Kristin D.
  • Maryam S.
  • Megan L.
  • Meriem C.
  • Miraal H.
  • Misbah S.
  • Nadia D.
  • Natalie G.
  • Reyansh S.
  • Rico B.
  • Sebastian M.
  • Shreya R.
  • Sol C.
  • Sophie Y.
  • Wendoly R.
  • Yufeng L.
  • Zeynep K.

*Research priority: TAs, cognitive science majors, non-majors